One-On-One Services

My aim is to work together with you to build a safe, open and confidential partnership that supports you in exploring how you can consistently perform at your best. I challenge your thinking and assumptions. Using different theories, models and tools, I help you gain valuable new perspective and insights.

A typical coaching partnership consists of six or more sessions of up to two hours and lasts as you feel you need support.

Supporting professional women

I know firsthand that, at times in their career, professional women often face challenges that their male colleagues do not. Whether it’s working out how to remain authentic in a masculine culture or flexing their capabilities to ensure the right leadership style for their organization or sector, I am passonate about supporting women in taking on these challenges.

My practice has a proven track record in coaching senior women leaders and next-generation female leaders. Together, we build a positive partnership to develop and hone their skills, and ensure they realize their career ambitions – in any organization.

Team Coaching

I support teams in developing awareness, building trust and creating new thinking – all elements that help the team in being even more successful. The goal is to ensure teams are comfortable addressing complex issues together, maximizing their impact and delivery.

Typically, I work with the organization to understand the challenges facing the team. Depending on the context, I develop a tailor-made solution. Teams emerge from these sessions highly engaged, with improved communication and a deeper understanding of how to achieve success together.


Masterclass Insider Secrets for Young Professionals

Together with Chartered Psychologist Lyn Lanka, who is also a lecturer in Organizational Behavior, I offer a Masterclass to educational institutions and companies to support young professionals transition from higher education into working life. Our ultimate aim? To ensure a successful beginning to a positive, long-term and high-performing career.

The Masterclass, which we adjust to the unique challenges of each organization, covers topics such as:

  • understanding the different ways in which people show up at work and their own strengths and weaknesses,
  • exploring what this means for both individual and team success,
  • learning how to handle high-pressure and/or political situations positively,
  • Knowing what stress and burnout are, how to spot the early and how to deal with them effectively,
  • Understanding what a stakeholder is and how to manage and influence them,
  • Exploring what resilience means and how it can be applied in the workplace


We work together with participants and their managers to create an individual six-month action plan, with measureable KPIs.

Speaking Opportunities

I am also available for speaking opportunities, within organizations and at relevant events. I speak about:

  • The skills taught to executive coaches that all professionals need,
  • The secrets to successfully onboarding young professionals into high-pressure organizations,
  • What women professionals wish you knew about supporting their careers,
  • How to develop a communications style that’s authentic to you and has impact,
  • And many more


If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to me at: