Executive coaching aims to ensure you deliver outstanding performance by developing the presence, authority and confidence required to navigate the most complex issues and lead at the highest level. We support you in developing the presence, authority and confidence required to consistently perform, no matter what kind of organization you work in or the challenges you face.



“As part of our ongoing team building efforts, Julia used MBTI in working with my team.

Choosing MBTI was a good advice as it works well at both personal and team level. She created a bespoke session for the team, translating my brief on the current needs of my team. She also connected with all individuals ahead of the session, thus ensuring everyone would be well prepared and would get the most out of it. Julia is an excellent listener and extraordinarily good at ‘reading people’. She has an ability to ‘show the mirror’ without offending people. This allows individuals to get satisfactory and workable feedback. Furthermore, it puts people at ease with opening up which again helps team build sessions to progress significantly. Julia’s skills and way of working is very personal and professional. Her session set us off – straight away – to work better.”

Communications Director, The Hague

Julia helped me define the challenge that I faced and create an actionable, realistic way forward. I found her positive to work with, striking the right balance between support and direction, and following up to make sure the plan delivered results - which it did. Consultant & team leader, Amsterdam

Through working with Julia I have realised the importance of reconnecting with the “real” me in my work environment.  I have gained new insights into how to manage and lead a team that is both happy and successful and have been given tools to help me overcome my own professional hurdles. Her coaching has given me a new sense of confidence and where or when that confidence may be lacking- she has taught me how to find that confidence in myself. ‘

NGO Membership Director, The Hague

Through our sessions I became aware that there were certain patterns in my dealing with power through my life. Recognising them now, I can make more conscious decisions. I am now more comfortable in my role and have a better idea of what my future challenges are.
Creative Design Agency owner, London