How you can build a successful career in corporate organizations

Every business has its own individual culture; you’ll see it in the brochures that are written and handed out, posters that are hung on the wall and the complex performance appraisal systems, to name a few. But the rules that have the most impact on your career are the unwritten rules of simply how things get done. These unwritten rules will have the biggest impact on your career and development – and ultimately your success. So how should you best navigate your way through complex office politics?

In my book Carrière Geheimen; handboek voor succes op de werkvloer– also published in English as Insider Secrets; a hand book for success on the work floor – I give practical advice on how to succeed using examples either from my coaching practice or my own 25+ years of experience in large corporates.

How can you perform at your best? How can you ensure you make an impact? With a number of exercises in each chapter, Carrière Geheimen is a must-read for the ambitious (young) professional who wants to build a lasting career in large organizations. Understanding how the unwritten rules work and how you can handle tough situations could change your working life for ever.

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