Executive Coaching

Our aim is to work together with you to build robust and trustworthy partnerships that help you understand how you can consistently perform at your best. We challenge your thinking and assumptions. Using different theories, models and tools, we help you gain valuable new perspective and insights.

A typical coaching partnership consists of six to eight two-hour sessions and lasts anywhere between four and eight months. The partnership covers the following elements:

  • A short introductory meeting: this ensures we understand your individual context and goals. It also works as a ‘chemistry check’, ensuring trust and rapport can develop.
  • Setting objectives: this includes both short-term and longer term goals. If applicable, your manager will be included in this goal-setting meeting – and at the end of the coaching partnership, your manager will also attend a feedback session. 
  • Series of coaching sessions: Most clients opt for a series of six coaching sessions. However, this can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. 
  • Ongoing feedback and evaluation: this ensures the coaching partnership stays on course and continues to be effective. The idea is to ensure sustained change in the workplace long after coaching has ended. 
  • Ongoing support: throughout the coaching partnership, phone and email support are offered as often as you need.


“Julia is an experienced professional, global in perspective, wise in the ways of business and politics and, the most important, outcome focused. The coaching led to a great outcome in my case. Julia is also human – I connected easily with her and trusted her totally. She has integrity and her values resonate with mine.”
Business Owner, Amsterdam

Team Coaching

We provide coaching to help teams develop awareness, build trust and create new thinking. The goal is to ensure teams are comfortable addressing complex issues together, maximizing their impact and delivery.

Typically, we work with the organization to understand the challenges facing the team. Depending on the context, we develop a tailor-made solution. This could be, for example, speaking to each individual team member one a one-to-one basis first to understand the issues at hand and then bringing the whole team together to examine what’s happening and build a firm basis on which to move forward. It may also be a session in which we look together at the strengths and weaknesses of the team and devise action plans to realize their full potential together.

Teams emerge from these sessions highly engaged, with improved communication and a deeper understanding of how to achieve success together.


“Julia is an excellent listener and extraordinarily good at reading people. Her skills and way of working is very personal and professional. Her session set us off – straight away – to work better.”
Director of Communications, Amsterdam

Supporting professional women

We understand that, at times in their career, professional women often face challenges that their male colleagues do not. Whether it’s working out how to remain authentic in a masculine culture or flexing their capabilities to ensure the right leadership style for their organization or sector, we support women in taking on these challenges.

Hart Coaching has a proven track record in coaching senior women leaders and is passionate about creating a positive partnership to develop and hone their skills, and ensure they realize their career ambitions – in any organization.


“I appreciated Julia’s confident approach. She was good at picking up underlying trends and messages in my responses and challenging me back in a supportive manner.”
CEO Healthcare Industry, London