Over 25 years’ experience

I have spent over 25 years working in international environments – from the newsrooms of daily papers to senior executive roles within large corporations – before qualifying as a professional coach at Henley Business School in the UK in 2016 and setting up my coaching practice.


A veteran of the corporate world, my experience has helped me develop a deep understanding and knowledge of the complexity of today’s organizations and the particular challenges they pose for senior leaders.

Straight talking with a practical focus

I combine straight talking with a practical focus to help clients understand how they can consistently perform at their best. My approach encourages clients to identify what influences their thinking and how events, people and places impact their ability to deliver.


Using tried-and-tested tools and frameworks, I help my clients gain new perspective and insights into the challenges they face.

Specialised in developing senior women

I have built a track record of coaching leaders, directors and high potential senior executives in a variety of sectors.


Having worked extensively in the corporate world, I know first-hand the challenges women sometimes face in large organisations. I specialise in coaching and developing senior women, equipping them with the confidence to successfully take on challenges as they climb the career ladder – in any organisation.

English and Dutch

Having lived and worked in both the Netherlands and the UK, I am fluent in both English and Dutch. I have successfully coached clients in both languages.


I believe it’s essential in a coaching partnership to create an atmosphere in which clients have the freedom they need to fully focus on the way forward. Adapting the language of the session to suit the client’s needs ensures they can completely focus on the challenge at hand.